The Sides and Lights

I hired a brick saw to cut the pavers to their required shape and size. To be honest, I probably did too good a job with the sizing, given that most were within about 5mm. Once that was done, I mounted treated pine on the top edge of the block wall. I used a string line here and did whatever I needed to do in order to get the wood straight. I used 45x90mm treated pine. Under this I clipped electrical cabling for lighting.

I attached the bottom row slightly differently. I placed the fibreboard and some paper on top of the pavers and placed the lower piece of wood on the correct location and secured it with expanding foam. I figured that this would secure the bottom board as there was almost no lateral force. I used a larger piece of wood for the external corner.

After the pieces of wood were mounted, I attached the fibre board using builders glue and self-tapping screws. The screws were actually not installed all the way and were there only to hold things whilst the glue dried. I also cut some holes into the boards for lighting. This allowed me to use expanding foam in order to dampen any vibration when the boards are touched. The most important areas were near the joins. The fibreboard on the pavers was not removed until after this step.

Once the wall was mounted, the screws were removed and the joins filled with polyfiller. The boards were trimmed to the correct height using an angle grinder, definitely with a breathing mask!