The stairs are fairly simple, and just as importantly, portable. This means that if I want to remove them for any reason that I can just carry them somewhere else. They are probably over-engineered, but they work well. They are based on the idea of needing to have three full steps before reaching the bench, and needing to be two sleepers deep.

I started by building three loops, one for each level, and adding another two horizontal supports in each for stability. I then screwed these together using long coach bolts – the countersunk ones. I then installed the vertical supports to get the heights of each level right. The bottom level did not need any support, only the upper levels.

Once the frame was complete, I then glued and nailed fibreboard to the sides, and cut this with an angle grinder to size.

Then I installed fibreboard to the front of the stairs.

I then cut this all to size and filled all the holes and painted everything. Once the paining was done, I bolted the sleepers to the top of the stairs after trimming them to the correct length