Back Yard Entertainment Area




The Back Yard of The Crazy Engineer has always been a bit of a disaster. The site slopes down with the width of the house, meaning that whilst the upstairs is the full width of the house, the downstairs is only half the width. Over most the width of the house, the ground level rises about 1.5m. This has created issues and caused the space to be less than ideal.

The back door is under the back veranda and is usable, although the back veranda is a space that is somewhat limiting. The door into the rumpus room (the brown door above) is never used as it really does not lead anywhere. There are drainage issues where water can be funnelled into the house. To top it off, the path is too steep to the point it is dangerous and unusable. In fact it sent one person to hospital when they tried to climb it and fell back hitting their head.

The area at the bottom of the garden is also deceptively steep, although not to the point of danger. It is just too steep for the area to be usable.


Notice how the back veranda is too enclosed in the next photo. Also, the linkage to the carport is rather poor.

This next photo shows the slope of the entire area.