We have installed an OpenSprinkler irrigation system. It might be getting ahead of ourselves, but it is an Automatic Irrigation Control System that adjusts to the weather, and it is all Open Source.



For our garden we probably went overkill. We did a heap of pre-work since we were digging up the yard anyway.

  • Front Left
    • 5 x sprinkler heads
    • 3 x 13mm pipes to three eucalyptus trees, fed by a 19mm pipe
  • Front Right
    • 5 x sprinkler heads split between two zones
    • 19mm pipe to a garden bed
    • 19mm pipe to two other garden beds
  • Back Middle
    • 3 x sprinkler heads
  • Back Side
    • 3 x sprinkler heads
  • Back Top
    • 6 x sprinkler heads split between two zones
  • Roof
    • Future 3-4 sprinkler heads for fire

Zone Control

At present we have two of the four output Sonoff Relays (see the Hardware page). One of these is mounted on the side of the house, the other under the house. We may need a third unit.







Zone Hardware

Front Yard

This is the hardware for the front yard. Only two zones are shown installed here. More will be coming. The spare pipes are for the extra sprinkler zone, garden, trees and a potential grey water supply. I will tidy the wiring and pipes up soon.

These next two photos show the water supply for the sprinklers. In retrospect I should have used a tap closer to the solenoids, but the design of where the solenoids were going to be installed changed.


Back Yard

The solenoids for the back yard are under the house. This install is quite neat in comparison to the front. There are four zones. The space for the fifth is if (when) I decide to install a fire sprinkler on the roof. Given the ease of access for new pipes, I have not included a Grey Water supply.