Surround Sound

Although the following photo is not particularly flatering, it does show the basicl arrangement of the surround sound system that we installed. The speakers came with the LG Bluray player. Some of the details for this can be found on the page describing the Fireplace. This page is here to describe some of the other details of the surround sound system.

Ideally, the speakers should be at about screen height, or ear height. This is not possible with many rooms. In my case, I needed to place the surround sound speakers in the corners of the room. And in my case, even this was not possible since one of the four corners was not actually a corner so needed to be offset a bit. The trick here is to ensure that any delays are set up correctly in the amplifier so that sounds arrive at the correct time.

The speakers that came with the unit did not have mounting brackets. Thankfully these were available from WES Components. They even came with chains allowing them to keep the speakers attached in case of earthquake. The bracket was attached to the back of the speaker with self-tapping screws. This may seem brutal, but will work well if you are careful. If you look carefully you will notice that the speakers are mounted upside down. Apart from the logo, the speakers looked better mounted this way.

Any elevated speakers just used flying leads to attach to the speakers. The copper wire was tinned with solder, but this worked really well.