Electronics in Frames

As an engineer, I am often left with designs that are memorable for any number of reasons. They might be designs that I did, or important objects from a historical point of view. And the question is always what to do with these pieces of hardware. The solution I have come up with involves getting the objects framed by my local picture framing company. You see, framers can actually place almost any object into a picture frame with ease these days. An example appears below, showing the first three generations of iPod’s in a frame.

Framing these objects with a glass front cost about $60. Some preparation work is needed to ensure that the objects will last – they will need to be cleaned before being sealed into the frame, and any batteries removed. Quite obvious really. Once the objects are clean and clear of anything that might corrode, they just need to be taken to the picture framer who will be able to return your objects framed in about a week